Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cutting Thickness of water jet cutting machine on different materials

Cutting Thickness of water jet cutting machine on different materials
Cutting Material 5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 30mm 50mm 100mm
Titanium 1,481,668,419,301,189,105 37
Carbon steel 1112 5,013,142,261,427,927
Stainless 1129 5,093,192,291,448,028
Copper 2,194,989,620,446,280,155 54
Aluminum 3000 1352 84860938221274
Marble 8954 4,035,253,118,181,141,634 221
Glass 4897 2270 1,384,994,624,347,121

Waterjet Cutting parameters
Pressure: 380MPa
Water nozzle: 0.33mm (13 #)
Abrasive nozzle: 0.889mm
Sand material: 80 mesh
Motor: 37kw (50hp)
Water flow: 3.7L/min
Sand Flow: 0.54kg/min
1, the cutting speed mm / min.
2, the table shows the cutting speed, for a higher cut quality, you need to be reduced accordingly cutting speed.
3, the table working pressure of 380MPa, if the working pressure up to 410MPa, speed will be submitted to 15%; under maximum pressure conditions, the service life of the high-pressure parts will be significantly reduced.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Several forms of water jet cutting machine

  In the abrasive situation to points: water cutting with abrasive and without abrasive cutting.
       With equipment to points: divided into large and small water jet cutting water cutting.
       Pressure to points: divided into high-and low-pressure type, generally 100Mp as boundaries. 100Mp more high-pressure type, 100Mp following is a low pressure type. The 200MP above is UHP type.
       Technical principles to points: divided into pre-and post-Mix-Mix.
       Safety cut to points: cutting into the safety and non-safety cut class, the main difference in pressure above, 100Mp the following low pressure type water jet cutter can be applied.
       Special industries such as: hazardous, areas of oil, coal, hazardous materials handling. After a lot of experiments it was found that when the pressure exceeds a certain threshold, even if the water will put some sensitivity to chemicals detonated, and sediment containing abrasive waterjet cutting due to the sand, the sand and the potential impact and objects collide, producing the energy can also cause instability specialty chemicals, after a lot of experimentation and demonstration, and finally come to its threshold at around 237.6MP. Therefore, in the water cutting industry, people on the 200MP above waterjet cnc cutting is mainly used in the machining industry.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Analysis of water jet cutter's characteristic and abrasive

Pressure on the depth of cutting:
Determined pressure and velocity of the water jet erosion energy, and its size is proportional to the water jet cutting ability. When high pressure, the machining tank side area, high efficiency, removing less; contrary, low efficiency, better quality; processing tank is too wide, it will result in waste of material. Different types and thickness of material being cut, the pressure corresponds to a certain limit, the case where only the water pressure exceeds the pressure value can be effectively cut. Often considered the best pressure is about 2.5 times the limit pressure value, then the pressure and the depth of cut is linear.

Nozzle traverse speed, but also have a greater influence on the surface quality of the processed material. With the increase of the traverse speed, the cutting capacity per unit area decreased, increasing the surface roughness of the material, particularly when the traverse speed reaches a critical value, the machined surface roughness increased dramatically. The size of its critical value and the abrasive nature of the greater impact.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

How to ensure the safety electricity use when water jet cutting machine working

Waterjet cutting machine cutting operation when the water will certainly use water, but can not do without electricity to run the equipment, but if the two natural enemies together, then certainly a bad thing, is easy to shock. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, water safety precautions when cutting operations in place to prepare. Let's talk about it to use electricity safely precautions water cutting machines. Water jet Cutting Machine 
For example, when you want to connect to cut ground water, high-pressure water jet cutting machines but also to ensure that the torch out of the ground with the same orientation, or do not say easy to shock, and will cause corrosion of equipment, affecting their life. It should be noted that, if the cutting process to replace the cut strips or cut wires, make sure the power is cut off in a state job. 
As construction workers cutting water, basic security awareness or to have, and should have some knowledge of safe use of electricity. Also used for cutting insulated, watertight equipment devices must undergo a rigorous inspection and to ensure the state is qualified.

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