Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woodworking engraving machine noise problem

Woodworking engraving machine noise problem

CNC engraving machine abnormal noise may be certain moving parts loose or is damaged, we can be handled by two methods. First, check the screw, rod and bearing exercise, such as a relatively large number of components. If you do not find any problems, you can check the cnc router lubrication system is not in good condition; still mechanical configuration is correct. Sometimes the machine may be in the absence of problems after the company confirmed with the guidance of a technician, he was secretly re-release too, so there will be a condition of abnormal noise.

These are just some of the more common approach noise problems, because many types of engraving machines, machine parts themselves are very different, so the engraving cnc machine is noisy solutions are also different. For Wood cnc engraving machine businesses, working to learn more about the properties and characteristics of engraving cnc router machine use, the device will be able to grasp the anomalies appearing in use. Thus avoiding unnecessary damage suffered machine, extending its life.
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waterjet cutting machine novice must master knowledge:

Waterjet novice must master knowledge:

UHP waterjet can cut what material ?
        Ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting various thick , hard of materials: such as stainless steel, material aluminum, copper , steel, marble, metal alloys , glass, plastics , ceramics , tiles and all kinds can be seen as .

Water jet cutting accuracy attainable ?
      A cutting accuracy of the workpiece is between 0.1mm ~ 0.25mm. Workpiece accuracy depends on the accuracy of the machine , the size and thickness of the cut piece .

How wide is the gap waterjet cutting ?
      Cutting the size of the work depends on the material thickness and the nozzle may be used . Generally, abrasive cutting the incision is about 1.0mm to 1.2mm. With sand pipe diameter cutter flaring , which cuts it gets.
Use of water jet cutting will produce what kind of hypotenuse ?
      The cutting speed operation determines its hypotenuse quality. Most have seen good cutting quality unilateral hypotenuse is about 0.1mm.

What materials should be used waterjet cutting ?
      In general , a complex pattern , thick, difficult to cut , fragile and sensitive to heat the material , the most suitable for the use of water jet cutting machining equipment.

Comparison of waterjet and laser ?
      increase capacity laser cutting is a manufacturing method , of course, has its uses . The water jet is indeed in some respects superior to laser :
a. did not limit the thickness of the cut
b. such as brass, aluminum and other materials can also be cut reflective
c. without input energy, so it will not burn or produce heat effect
. d cut timber when you change , you are the only changes required cutting speed ; without having to change the gas , focus or other objects
e. can easily install more cutting heads to increase production capacity
f. maintenance of laser equipment is more specialized and higher degree of difficulty
g. All you need to purchase laser equipment prices 1/ 2 to 1 / 3 of you can have a complete set of water jet equipment.

Waterjet Cutting and wire Comparison ?
      Line cutting is very accurate but very slow cutting speed , it needs to produce conductive material and thermal effects .
Comparison of waterjet and milling ?
If you want to cut your peripherals and punching the workpiece , rather than with blind holes , drilling and thread the way , might as well choose faster, easier and cheaper to arrange sand knife. The main reason is that we only need to cut a piece of the processing can be completed without having to grind all metal fragments . When you need to cut precision parts, sand knife is used to produce nearly finished machine tools, processing time can and does produce thermal effects. In addition , the generated waste sand knife usually more valuable , because it is not in the form of whole pieces of debris can be used again .
Comparison of waterjet cnc cutting and arc and flame ?
      Obvious , Plasma belong to thermal processing , the finished product will produce thermal effects. Sand the surface using a knife treatment is usually relatively good, the rear of the workpiece does not scum , secondary processing can be reduced . There is no limit thickness of the sand jet cutting , and cutting the graphic layout spacing can be reduced in order to save material costs.

A complete set of water jet cutting equipment should be included ?
      High pressure pumps, waterjet cutting head unit , CNC cutting table , computer control cabinet.
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