Saturday, February 15, 2014

EAAK CNC water jet cutting machine in metal cutting industry

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With the expansion of products and applications mature face , UHP CNC water jet cutting machine ( water jet cutter ) is gradually entering a period of growth , which is also due to the rapid development of machinery industry in recent years , relying on the more accurate digital platform we can apply the fine waterjet machining , water jet cutting applications will be extended to the broader metals industry
Processing areas , and not just confined to the processing of glass , ceramics , stone and other materials. Metal cutting , for example, presents a variety of processing methods flourishing trend, including laser , flame cutting ( plasma cutting ) , EDM cutting, wire cutting. Various cutting methods have their own advantages , they have some limitations , each occupying a part of the market . However, in many cutting tools , the water cut is a special cold cut , plus the direct use of the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet cutting of the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting , the cutting process without chemical change , physical and chemical properties of the material having no cutting influence , no heat distortion , narrow kerf , high precision , cut smooth, clean pollution, etc., the material can be processed traditional means can not be processed , such as glass , ceramics, composite materials , reflective materials, chemical fiber, heat-sensitive materials.

As people on the water cutting technology to further deepen the understanding of the market come to realize that water cutting technology in the metal cutting industry unique advantages. Comparative example laser cutting , laser cutting sheet metal , the speed and accuracy of better than water jet cutting , but generally greater than 16mm of the laser is difficult to cut the metal plate ( in particular non-ferrous metals ) , and the laser cutting of materials there is still some surrounding heat affected zone ; finish waterjet cutting metal material thickness of up to 50mm or more, and no impact on the material , cut metal up to 1.6μm, the cutting accuracy of ± 0.10mm, can be used for precision forming cutting, another water cut in terms of cutting non-ferrous metals and stainless steel as well as a unique, non-reflective and edge effects of the loss , plus water knife is no limit on cutting material . The combination of these factors, many early selection of laser or other cutting means users instead use water jet cutting . As the " water jet " CNC precision drive technology platform uses a ball screw and linear guides , the control precision are within +0.02 mm, while abrasive water jet cutting head nozzle and focusing performance and long life of the nozzle material technological breakthrough, coupled with continuous smooth operation of our company 380Mpa EHV power systems , automatic application for sand, sand control , and high-pressure water start and stop control system, making the " water jet " 24 hours of continuous cutting and automatic processing . In the metal cutting industry, the pursuit of high-quality, high-efficiency direct molding process , is the mainstream of the current international trends , "water knife" cutting machine is the response to this demand on the relevant technology innovation : Casual including the emergence of precision ball screw , servo motor, gear unit resonance technology , the machine can achieve a higher position accuracy , backlash compensation , repeat positioning accuracy improved, machine tool manufacturers will be more energy into the machine geometry analysis of the causes of errors generated by the use of the club and laser interferometer measurement precision measuring instruments such as the detection of geometric precision machine tools and to establish a mapping table to give precision error correction , thereby manufacturing high-precision machine tools. Selection of materials and components parts CNC machine tools , manufacturing processes, quality assurance testing methods to improve the accuracy and stability of CNC machine tools . "Water jet cutting machine " both more powerful computer-aided design and control functions , in particular in the " sharp corners and " auto deceleration cut so sleek and smooth cutting surface , combined with the "water knife" cut with a " grinding " character , which making the " water jet " on the cutting quality and efficiency has been greatly changed and improved, and can be directly used for metal parts forming cutting. High pressure water jet cutting technology in the field of metal for many years, currently due perfect efficiency of its features, especially the decline in the cost of investment and the use of such "water jet glass cutter" cutting technology and equipment more and more and more and more attention and concern , boom "water jet steel cutting" use is on the rise , the company is willing to "cnc waterjet cutting" to promote the application and popularization make unremitting efforts . At the same time , and we want more people to study and explore together to jointly promote the further development of the "water cuting machine" application technology .
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