Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Five axis CNC water jet cutting machine--sinowaterjet

CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine axis control software creatively incorporated into the control system of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine , and breaking the traditional technical difficulties, is a revolutionary new water jet cutting technology. Its creativity is mainly reflected in the technical innovation and structural innovation , based on the original three-axis XYZ platform on an additional two rotary axes to achieve head can be rotated in any direction , can cut shaped parts with complex surfaces , particularly in automotive interiors large pieces of molding parts , CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine can cut various shaped holes on complex surfaces , largely shorten the process and reduce the mold production costs. Five-axis represents the high-end CNC. Over the years, the US-led Western industrial countries, has been the axis CNC system as an important strategic materials , export license system. Jinan Sino Waterjet Technology Co., Ltd overcome this difficulty, in the field of water jet cutting to break the monopoly of foreign contribution to a force of China 's equipment manufacturing industry.So-called five-axis : This refers to the high pressure water on a CNC cutting machine has at least five axes ( three linear and two rotary coordinate coordinates ) , and under the control of computer numerical control (CNC) system is available at and coordinate the movement and processing. Five-axis water jet cutting machine cutting machine compared with ordinary water , the biggest advantage is that you can achieve any swing and adjust the angle of the cutting head so as to generate a preset bevel cut at any angle . Five-axis CNC water jet cutting machine has been rated "provincial scientific and technological research results" , with independent intellectual property rights. Use five-axis CNC water jet cutting machine can cut surfaces generate arbitrary cut slope. Applications and technical principles CNC five-axis waterjet : application areas : its applications include aerospace, military production , automobile manufacturing , architectural, mechanical processing and other industries. technical principles :1, CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine with high pressure generator filtered water instantly turn ordinary pressurized to 100-300MPa, then the energy converter by the pressure of the water can be converted successfully to form of a fine jet of water with high-speed 800-1000m / s discharge , while mixing in some of the abrasive water jet speed through the middle , resulting in some of the high-speed friction material to be cut to produce a high-speed grinding cutting force , the use of grinding cutting force cutting. 2, five-axis CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine is based on the original by XYZ -axis platform on an additional two rotary axes to achieve head can swing in any direction and use the slope of the pre-set in the system model , real-time calculation of the cutting path , and then cut to consider the thickness of the workpiece material is corrected continuously oscillating the cutting head in the cutting process, so that the cutting out of the workpiece to achieve the perfect state of no slope.
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