Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Laser engraving cutting machine maintaince

Laser machine for routine maintenance , maintenance and Troubleshooting [ Technical Support ] First, routine maintenance , maintenance 1, the water tank replacement and cleaning ( recommended every week cleaning and replacement of circulating water tank once ) Note : The machine must ensure that before work laser tube filled with circulating water . Circulating water quality and water temperature directly affects the life of the laser tube is recommended to use pure water, and the water temperature controlled at 35 ℃ or less. If more than 35 ℃ need to replace the circulating water , add ice cubes to the water or reduce the water temperature , ( recommended user selects cooling machine , or use two tanks ) . Clean water tank : First turn off the power , unplug the saliva water pipe, The laser tube water flow automatically into the tank , open the tank , remove the pump , remove the pump on the dirt . Clean the tank , replace the good circulation of water, the pump reverts back to the tank , the water pump will be connected Tube into the inlet, tidy the joints . The pump is powered separately and run for 2-3 minutes ( the laser tube filled with circulating water ) . 2 , the fan clean The use of the fan for a long time , will make a solid fan inside accumulate a lot of dust, so fans have a great noise , is not conducive to the exhaust and odor. When the fan inadequate suction poor smoke , first off Off the power , the fan into the air duct on the outlet duct Remove to remove dust from the inside , then the fan upside down and struck inside the blades, until clean, then the fan installed. 3 , lens cleaning Introduced in the previous machine , the already mentioned there are three laser engraving machine with a mirror focusing mirror ( mirror 1 of the laser emission outlet tube , which is the machine's left foot , two mirror in the beam The left end of the laser reflector 3, the fixed portion of the top head , the focusing lens of the laser head in the lower part of the lens barrel can be adjusted ) , the laser is reflected by the lens , the focused emitted from the laser head . Lens easily stained with dust or other contaminants , resulting in loss of the laser or lens damage , the 1st and the 2nd lens cleaning Needless to remove , just moistened with cleaning fluid lens cleaning paper carefully along the lens center to the Edge rotary wipe. The 3rd lens and the focusing mirror is removed from the frame , using the same method to clean, replace intact after cleaning can be. Note : ① should gently wipe the lens , do not damage the surface coating ; ② wiping process should be gently , to prevent falls ; ③ focusing mirror installation, please be sure to keep concave downward . 4, CCD camera lens ( lens cleaning before the work day is recommended ) Laser processing equipment parts process, according to parts of different materials , resulting in varying degrees of smoke, camera lens lens lens will easily stained with dust or other contaminants affect the parts labeled display Clarity, it is suggested to be cleaned every day before work will be moistened with cleaning fluid lens cleaning paper carefully along the lens center to the edge of the rotary wipe , ensure that the lens clean. Laser equipment idle when not cover its objective lens hood , Prevent dust and damage. 5 , the guide rail , linear shaft , slide assembly ( metal guide wheel ) , nylon guide wheel Rail , linear shaft as one of the core components of the device , and its function is to play the role of guidance and support . In order to ensure that the machine has a high precision, requires its guide, a linear axis with a more High guiding accuracy and good motion stabilization . Equipment during operation , due to be processed in the processing will produce a lot of dust and corrosive fumes , smoke and dust if these long Of excessive sedimentation on rails, linear axis surface machining accuracy of the equipment has a great influence , and will guide rail, linear shaft surface pitting and shorten equipment life. In order to Machine normal and stable work to ensure that product processing quality, should seriously carry rail , linear shaft routine maintenance. This series of laser equipment X, Y direction is used in carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) with a combination of linear axis movement. A, linear axis cleaning and maintenance : ① beam linear axis : the device is turned off , the laser head moves to the right ( or left-most ) , along a straight line with a cotton wipe back and forth repeatedly axial shaft until shiny clean linear axis ; Then the laser head moves to the left ( or far right ) , along a straight line with a cotton wipe back and forth repeatedly axial shaft linear shaft , linear shaft until shiny clean . Finally, add a little oil straight shaft surface ( Sewing machine oil can be used , do not use oil ) , the laser head slowly pushing the lateral direction , so that repeated several times, so that lubricant evenly distributed in the straight shaft surface . ② the same way about cleaning and maintenance guide beam linear axis . B, carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) cleaning and maintenance , replacement : Cleaning and maintenance with a linear axis with the same method to clean and maintain carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) . Carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) is easy to wear , replace Precautions are: linear axes and adjust the carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) gap between the carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) in the linear axes When running on no block. Specific adjustment method , first adjust the carriage assembly ( metal guide wheel ) on the carriage assembly eccentric ( metal guide wheel ) wheel just touches the surface of a linear axis , the locking slide assembly ( metal Guide wheel ) screws , then tighten the eccentric set screws . 6 , timing belt, timing belt pulleys Belt and timing belt pulleys, is important mechanical transmission equipment parts , which controls the laser head trajectory. Belt running over time , prone to micro- stretching and loosening of variable length , So that the laser head movement accuracy and sensitivity have a great impact , so the drive belt timely adjustments. Adjustment method : the X to Y- belt adjustment , timing belt tensioner to be transferred to an appropriate level ; adjustment of the drive motor belt , which should generally be adjusted to the tightness of the central belt presses , its sinking amount Both ends of the pulley center distance preferably 3-5% . Note: a) If the adjustment of the belt too tight , the belt will not only easy to tensile deformation , but also accelerated bearing wear ; if too loose, then allowed transmission accuracy and sensitivity. So the tension on the belt Should be adjusted to the best condition. To adjust the Y- belt belt tension level when appropriate , and to both sides of the belt tension level consistent with the process so that the drive belt can be stable and will not affect the product 's engraving,laser cutting results. b) timing belt should be away from oil or chemicals , is strictly prohibited and acids, alkalis, oils and organic solvents. Timing belt should be allowed to remain dry and clean condition. c) there is a rubber belt problem of aging , if the belt rubber is aging ( or wear ) , must be promptly replaced with new belt , pay attention to the change of the timing belt with the belt round match. d) Pulley used for some time , there will be loose and wear phenomena , must be promptly replaced and tightened. To take note of the change of timing belt pulleys and belt to match . 7 , screws, fastening coupling Motion system working for some time , the movement of the screw connection , loose coupling is generated , it will affect the smooth mechanical movement , so to observe the operation of the machine there is no abnormal sound or drive components anomalies, Fastened to timely identify problems and maintenance. Over a period of time while the machine tool should be individually fastening screws . The first fastening device should be used in about a month after . 8 , the optical path of the inspection Laser engraving machine optical system is reflected by the reflection mirror and the focusing mirror finished common focus , the focusing lens in the optical path shift is not present , but three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical parts , the possibility of relatively offset large , Although not normally happen offset, but recommends that users be sure to check before each work light path is normal. Detailed Please refer to Chapter " optical alignment standards " 9 , sliding beams Slip beams as aluminum profiles , soft material , to prevent three-dimensional translation stage profiles and the upper surface of the contact plate scratch hard objects , keeping the flat upper surface and clean it regularly . 10 , three-dimensional translation stage Three-dimensional translation stage for fine adjustment of the position of the camera so that the product can quickly locate the working surface of the plate for cutting . Three-dimensional translation stage for long-term use , its three-dimensional slip Between the rails and easy rust dust will affect the use , it should be kept clean between the three-dimensional sliding rails and gauze moistened with anti-rust lubricant wipe the surface.