Sunday, December 22, 2013

Why does the nozzles of water jet cutting machine consume too fast?

The water jet cutting machine consumption mainly include two parts: the nozzle and garnet gems . The consumption of pomegranate sand basically every waterjet manufacturers are similar, but the jewel orifice consumption vary significantly . Some manufacturers may use 30 to 40 hours , and some manufacturers may even insist on less than 10 hours , the quality of the purchase gems nozzle itself is on the one hand, there are other reasons see below description.

First, the selection of water on water cutting, water jet cutting water used in the process , although less demanding , but still the best for the quality of the water has a control , the use of household water is the best choice, cost and purity of on it are possible .

Second, the purity of the sand on the pomegranate , pomegranate using abrasive waterjets is best to choose a more formal manufacturers purchase . Do not just seek a little money away can be cheaper to buy some of the poor quality of the garnet , which is generally inferior product filter impurities in order to save costs in the process , the sand particles have pomegranate requirements are not high , in the course of the gems of the nozzle the damage is great.

Third, on the cutting issue, different hardness, material thickness and is used when cutting pressure , etc., these are the choices have different degrees of damage to the jewel waterjet nozzle . For example, in the course of waterjet machining often high hardness, thickness of the workpiece and the long-term in the case of higher pressure so it is likely to cause jewel nozzle wear.
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Water jet cutting machine high-pressure pump maintenance:

Water jet cutting machine high-pressure pump maintenance:
1 lubricants required power end of the injection.

2 New pump or pump factory overhaul, the first oil change is 500 hours, after every 3,000 hours or running quality lubricating oil change.

3 release of pressure relief valves periodic inspection and correction of 1.08 to 1.1 times the rated working pressure.

4. Regularly check the accuracy of the gauge.

5. Regularly check the tightness of the belt.

6 Replace damaged consumables.

7 Adjust the various parts of the gap, check and tighten all the screws.

8 requires long-term disabled pump (especially sewage pumps), application rinse, liquid pump body exhausted, all valves washable anti-embroidered coat oil, and the entire pump corrosion maintenance.

9 To enable parked longer pump, the pump response to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance, or can not be enabled.

10 high pressure pump overhaul period is tentatively scheduled for 12,000 hours.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How to choose cnc water jet cutting machine

How to choose the most suitable water jet cutting machine for ourself?Please check the follows basic item.

1,According to your work piece size,make sure your needed machine size.The common size such as 1000*2000mm,1500*3000mm,2000*3000mm.For most waterjet manufacturer,the size can be made by your personal needs.

2,According to your work piece materials and thickness,choosing suitable water jet UHP pump power,for example 300Mpa,380Mpa,420Mpa and 620Mpa.The materials include stainless steel,aluminum,marble,granite,glass and so on.

3,According to your budget,choosing the machine brand and country of origin.If you have enough money,USA or Germany waterjet cutter is good.If you need a cheap water jet cutting machine,China water cutter is more suitable.And in recent years the China machine quality is also well.More important,the price is much lower.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

China CNC water jet cutting machine price

What's the price of water jet cutting machine in China?Now China as a large export country,they provide cheap and good products to the world.Firstly is the cnc machine,now we talked about the price of China waterjet cutter.

This is a fast developing industry in China,there are some new factory was established in recent years,our Shandong EAAK Machinery Co., Ltd is one of them.

As we all know,the main advantage of China machine is low price.So certainly  waterjet cutter with very good competitive price---Our star model EK1020 promotion price is less than USD25000.Compare to more than USD50000 USA/Germany machine,our sino waterjet have the same function and similar quality.

So if you need waterjet machine to cut metal,glass,stone and haven’t enough budget,I really suggest to think about China machine.
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آلة قطع المياه النفاثة مقارنة مع آلة قطع البلازما

قطع البلازما مع واضحة leffect محطات الط، دقة منخفضة، وسطح القطع ليس من السهل معالجة الثانية. قطع المياه الباردة القطع الدولة، مع عدم وجود تشويه الحرارة ونوعية سطح قطع لا تحتاج processing.Even الثانوية إذا دعت الحاجة، كما أنها سهلة للمعالجة الثانوية.

آلة قطع البلازما آلة قطع المياه النفاثة ,فهي الجهاز الأكثر شيوعا في المعادن صناعة القطع.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Water jet cutting machine price

water jet cutting machine price

What is the price of China cheap cnc waterjet cutter?Generally it need about USD25,000 to USD50,000.It mainly depends on the machine working size,the power of UHP pump.

water jet cutting machinery have several size such as EK1020 --1000*2000mm,EK1525-1500*2500,SN1530-1500*3000mm,SN2030-2000*3000mm,even SN3060-3000*6000mm.

For the power of EAAK waterjet UHP pump,there are 300Mpa,380Mpa,420Mpa and 620Mpa.

Now the cheapest water jet cutting machine of EAAK waterjet technolgy Co., ltd is less than USD25,000.This is the best cost performance glass steel aluminum metal stone granite marble water jet cutting machine in China.

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