Monday, October 7, 2013

principle of water jet cutting machine

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EAAK water jet cutting machine,water jet cutter,cnc water jet cutting machine  This basic principle of water jet cutting machine is both simple and complex , from a pressurized water jet pump is started , through the high pressure pipe , and then emitted from the cutting head . Very simple explanation. However, it is the result of a very complex design, in order to produce 60000PSI pressure. In the design process , there is a small leak at the lasting erosion of components will cause damage . Therefore, producers and engineers will be careful in handling high-pressure materials processing technology, the use of special technology combination such machines . Users only need to know the basic knowledge of the operation . Water jet cutting machine used in industry in 1982 , the oldest had already appeared in 1970 , mainly in industrial applications in the automotive , aerospace, glass industry , from these cutting continuously improve accuracy. Abrasive waterjet cutting machine pressure can reach 55,000 PSI, this high-pressure water through a tiny nozzle to 762m / s injection speed , this speed 2.5 times the speed of sound . This pomegranate sand mixed in a high speed water jets , mixed by the mixing pipe , then 305M / sec emitted directly from the sand tube to the material being processed , this cutting process is actually a milled cutting the process , the power and the movements are generated from water .
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