Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cutting Thickness of water jet cutting machine on different materials

Cutting Thickness of water jet cutting machine on different materials
Cutting Material 5mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 30mm 50mm 100mm
Titanium 1,481,668,419,301,189,105 37
Carbon steel 1112 5,013,142,261,427,927
Stainless 1129 5,093,192,291,448,028
Copper 2,194,989,620,446,280,155 54
Aluminum 3000 1352 84860938221274
Marble 8954 4,035,253,118,181,141,634 221
Glass 4897 2270 1,384,994,624,347,121

Waterjet Cutting parameters
Pressure: 380MPa
Water nozzle: 0.33mm (13 #)
Abrasive nozzle: 0.889mm
Sand material: 80 mesh
Motor: 37kw (50hp)
Water flow: 3.7L/min
Sand Flow: 0.54kg/min
1, the cutting speed mm / min.
2, the table shows the cutting speed, for a higher cut quality, you need to be reduced accordingly cutting speed.
3, the table working pressure of 380MPa, if the working pressure up to 410MPa, speed will be submitted to 15%; under maximum pressure conditions, the service life of the high-pressure parts will be significantly reduced.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Several forms of water jet cutting machine

  In the abrasive situation to points: water cutting with abrasive and without abrasive cutting.
       With equipment to points: divided into large and small water jet cutting water cutting.
       Pressure to points: divided into high-and low-pressure type, generally 100Mp as boundaries. 100Mp more high-pressure type, 100Mp following is a low pressure type. The 200MP above is UHP type.
       Technical principles to points: divided into pre-and post-Mix-Mix.
       Safety cut to points: cutting into the safety and non-safety cut class, the main difference in pressure above, 100Mp the following low pressure type water jet cutter can be applied.
       Special industries such as: hazardous, areas of oil, coal, hazardous materials handling. After a lot of experiments it was found that when the pressure exceeds a certain threshold, even if the water will put some sensitivity to chemicals detonated, and sediment containing abrasive waterjet cutting due to the sand, the sand and the potential impact and objects collide, producing the energy can also cause instability specialty chemicals, after a lot of experimentation and demonstration, and finally come to its threshold at around 237.6MP. Therefore, in the water cutting industry, people on the 200MP above waterjet cnc cutting is mainly used in the machining industry.
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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Analysis of water jet cutter's characteristic and abrasive

Pressure on the depth of cutting:
Determined pressure and velocity of the water jet erosion energy, and its size is proportional to the water jet cutting ability. When high pressure, the machining tank side area, high efficiency, removing less; contrary, low efficiency, better quality; processing tank is too wide, it will result in waste of material. Different types and thickness of material being cut, the pressure corresponds to a certain limit, the case where only the water pressure exceeds the pressure value can be effectively cut. Often considered the best pressure is about 2.5 times the limit pressure value, then the pressure and the depth of cut is linear.

Nozzle traverse speed, but also have a greater influence on the surface quality of the processed material. With the increase of the traverse speed, the cutting capacity per unit area decreased, increasing the surface roughness of the material, particularly when the traverse speed reaches a critical value, the machined surface roughness increased dramatically. The size of its critical value and the abrasive nature of the greater impact.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

How to ensure the safety electricity use when water jet cutting machine working

Waterjet cutting machine cutting operation when the water will certainly use water, but can not do without electricity to run the equipment, but if the two natural enemies together, then certainly a bad thing, is easy to shock. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of similar accidents, water safety precautions when cutting operations in place to prepare. Let's talk about it to use electricity safely precautions water cutting machines. Water jet Cutting Machine 
For example, when you want to connect to cut ground water, high-pressure water jet cutting machines but also to ensure that the torch out of the ground with the same orientation, or do not say easy to shock, and will cause corrosion of equipment, affecting their life. It should be noted that, if the cutting process to replace the cut strips or cut wires, make sure the power is cut off in a state job. 
As construction workers cutting water, basic security awareness or to have, and should have some knowledge of safe use of electricity. Also used for cutting insulated, watertight equipment devices must undergo a rigorous inspection and to ensure the state is qualified.

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

The operation of stone engraving EAAK cnc router machine

Correct steps of stone engraving machine operation:

1 stone cnc engraving machine before first boot the machine and the computer to determine all connected properly, and then turn the machine and the computer power supply. After the system is ready to enter NCStudio CNC system.
2 Select "Homing" menu after opening the control system. Machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin, and the correction system coordinate system. In some cases, such as the last normal shutdown, reboot and continue the previous operation, the user does not have to perform the mechanical reset operation. NCStudio system in the normal exit, it will save the current coordinate information. In addition, if the user confirms the current position is correct, you can not do this.
3 prior to processing, the user typically needs a machining program to be loaded, otherwise, some functions related to the automatic processing is invalid. Select "Open (F) | Open (O) ..." menu will pop up Windows standard file operations dialog box, you can choose where you want to open the file drive, path and file name. Click the "Open" button, the program will load processing system.
4 Determine the datum, the stone CNC router X, Y manually go in both directions on the desired workpiece origin location, select "Set as the datum point of the current" menu, or coordinate the coordinate values ​​of the current window position cleared, the processing procedure in the performance of the current position as the starting point for processing.
Stone carving machine configuration:
1, light stone cnc engraving machine 1224 screw drive, cast iron bed, a round rail 3kw motor, stepper motor 450A. Weihong control system (ie, computer control), low price
2, rack drive, the square tube with a seamless marble granite cnc engraving machine pick up tools, circular orbit 25. Is a commonly used. 3k/4.5kw motor. You can also choose the slant rack, a stepping motor 450A or 450B, which is a large model.
3 high with: heavy stone engraving cnc router and generous T-shaped pipe seamless welding machine bed, steel gantry, stepper motor 450B, 860 drives, rack drive Taiwan on the silver side rails. High cost. High price.

4,stone cnc router machine (with wood engraving machine configurations, plus a stainless steel sink). Rack side rails 3kw/4.5kw spindle motor, stepper motor 450B, drive 860.
Summing up the above, it is commonly used in the market with marble engraving machine, rack drive round rail, 4.5kw motor, popular machine 25. Select inclined rack better, a large contact area, high speed, high accuracy. Hard rock deal more powerful. Affordable price. There needs to be a detailed consultation J
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Application of laser cutting machine and waterjet metal cutting machine

Metal cutting machine as a new tool is currently applied to a variety of more mature industries. So in the end is how the use of laser cutting or waterjet cutting machine, and laser cutting is good or bad and how to distinguish it? First, in the form of energy of laser light focused into a beam of high density, the beam is transmitted to the work surface, to generate enough heat to melt the material, combined with the high pressure gas coaxial with the beam interval removing molten metal directly, to achieve the purpose of the cutting This description is essentially the difference between laser cutting machine with mechanical processing. It is the use of laser light from the laser beam emitted from the generator, the external circuit system, a high power density focused laser beam irradiation conditions, the laser heat is absorbed by the material of the workpiece, a sharp rise in temperature of the workpiece, after reaching the boiling point, the material begins to vaporize and form holes, moving the light beam with the relative positions of the workpiece, the material eventually forming the slit. Process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, gas pressure, etc.) and when kerf trajectory by CNC control system, slag slotted auxiliary gas at a certain pressure is blowing. Generally, laser cutting quality can be measured by the following six criteria. 1. Cutting surface roughness Rz 2. Incision dross size 3. Trimming squareness and inclination u 4. Cutting edge garden diagonal size r 5. Streak after dragging quantity n 6.
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Laser metal cutting machine

Laser metal cutting machine: can be understood as the separation edge. The purpose of such a process should be in CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD made ​​in the form of vector graphics lines, pneumatic laser marking machine, and then saved as appropriate PLT, DXF format laser cutting machine operating software to open the file, depending on the processing materials for energy and speed parameter settings and then run. Laser cutter after receiving instructions to the computer software will be generated automatically cut according to the flight path. Such as: the existing Laser cutting machine, you can draw a good template based computer, and then entered into the computer, automatic cutting graphics. existing laser metal cutter generally have their own hard drive, you can enter the massive data sources. Simple and convenient.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woodworking engraving machine noise problem

Woodworking engraving machine noise problem

CNC engraving machine abnormal noise may be certain moving parts loose or is damaged, we can be handled by two methods. First, check the screw, rod and bearing exercise, such as a relatively large number of components. If you do not find any problems, you can check the cnc router lubrication system is not in good condition; still mechanical configuration is correct. Sometimes the machine may be in the absence of problems after the company confirmed with the guidance of a technician, he was secretly re-release too, so there will be a condition of abnormal noise.

These are just some of the more common approach noise problems, because many types of engraving machines, machine parts themselves are very different, so the engraving cnc machine is noisy solutions are also different. For Wood cnc engraving machine businesses, working to learn more about the properties and characteristics of engraving cnc router machine use, the device will be able to grasp the anomalies appearing in use. Thus avoiding unnecessary damage suffered machine, extending its life.
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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Waterjet cutting machine novice must master knowledge:

Waterjet novice must master knowledge:

UHP waterjet can cut what material ?
        Ultrahigh-pressure waterjet cutting various thick , hard of materials: such as stainless steel, material aluminum, copper , steel, marble, metal alloys , glass, plastics , ceramics , tiles and all kinds can be seen as .

Water jet cutting accuracy attainable ?
      A cutting accuracy of the workpiece is between 0.1mm ~ 0.25mm. Workpiece accuracy depends on the accuracy of the machine , the size and thickness of the cut piece .

How wide is the gap waterjet cutting ?
      Cutting the size of the work depends on the material thickness and the nozzle may be used . Generally, abrasive cutting the incision is about 1.0mm to 1.2mm. With sand pipe diameter cutter flaring , which cuts it gets.
Use of water jet cutting will produce what kind of hypotenuse ?
      The cutting speed operation determines its hypotenuse quality. Most have seen good cutting quality unilateral hypotenuse is about 0.1mm.

What materials should be used waterjet cutting ?
      In general , a complex pattern , thick, difficult to cut , fragile and sensitive to heat the material , the most suitable for the use of water jet cutting machining equipment.

Comparison of waterjet and laser ?
      increase capacity laser cutting is a manufacturing method , of course, has its uses . The water jet is indeed in some respects superior to laser :
a. did not limit the thickness of the cut
b. such as brass, aluminum and other materials can also be cut reflective
c. without input energy, so it will not burn or produce heat effect
. d cut timber when you change , you are the only changes required cutting speed ; without having to change the gas , focus or other objects
e. can easily install more cutting heads to increase production capacity
f. maintenance of laser equipment is more specialized and higher degree of difficulty
g. All you need to purchase laser equipment prices 1/ 2 to 1 / 3 of you can have a complete set of water jet equipment.

Waterjet Cutting and wire Comparison ?
      Line cutting is very accurate but very slow cutting speed , it needs to produce conductive material and thermal effects .
Comparison of waterjet and milling ?
If you want to cut your peripherals and punching the workpiece , rather than with blind holes , drilling and thread the way , might as well choose faster, easier and cheaper to arrange sand knife. The main reason is that we only need to cut a piece of the processing can be completed without having to grind all metal fragments . When you need to cut precision parts, sand knife is used to produce nearly finished machine tools, processing time can and does produce thermal effects. In addition , the generated waste sand knife usually more valuable , because it is not in the form of whole pieces of debris can be used again .
Comparison of waterjet cnc cutting and arc and flame ?
      Obvious , Plasma belong to thermal processing , the finished product will produce thermal effects. Sand the surface using a knife treatment is usually relatively good, the rear of the workpiece does not scum , secondary processing can be reduced . There is no limit thickness of the sand jet cutting , and cutting the graphic layout spacing can be reduced in order to save material costs.

A complete set of water jet cutting equipment should be included ?
      High pressure pumps, waterjet cutting head unit , CNC cutting table , computer control cabinet.
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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Five axis CNC water jet cutting machine--sinowaterjet

CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine axis control software creatively incorporated into the control system of ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine , and breaking the traditional technical difficulties, is a revolutionary new water jet cutting technology. Its creativity is mainly reflected in the technical innovation and structural innovation , based on the original three-axis XYZ platform on an additional two rotary axes to achieve head can be rotated in any direction , can cut shaped parts with complex surfaces , particularly in automotive interiors large pieces of molding parts , CNC five-axis ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine can cut various shaped holes on complex surfaces , largely shorten the process and reduce the mold production costs. Five-axis represents the high-end CNC. Over the years, the US-led Western industrial countries, has been the axis CNC system as an important strategic materials , export license system. Jinan Sino Waterjet Technology Co., Ltd overcome this difficulty, in the field of water jet cutting to break the monopoly of foreign contribution to a force of China 's equipment manufacturing industry.So-called five-axis : This refers to the high pressure water on a CNC cutting machine has at least five axes ( three linear and two rotary coordinate coordinates ) , and under the control of computer numerical control (CNC) system is available at and coordinate the movement and processing. Five-axis water jet cutting machine cutting machine compared with ordinary water , the biggest advantage is that you can achieve any swing and adjust the angle of the cutting head so as to generate a preset bevel cut at any angle . Five-axis CNC water jet cutting machine has been rated "provincial scientific and technological research results" , with independent intellectual property rights. Use five-axis CNC water jet cutting machine can cut surfaces generate arbitrary cut slope. Applications and technical principles CNC five-axis waterjet : application areas : its applications include aerospace, military production , automobile manufacturing , architectural, mechanical processing and other industries. technical principles :1, CNC ultra-high pressure water jet cutting machine with high pressure generator filtered water instantly turn ordinary pressurized to 100-300MPa, then the energy converter by the pressure of the water can be converted successfully to form of a fine jet of water with high-speed 800-1000m / s discharge , while mixing in some of the abrasive water jet speed through the middle , resulting in some of the high-speed friction material to be cut to produce a high-speed grinding cutting force , the use of grinding cutting force cutting. 2, five-axis CNC high pressure water jet cutting machine is based on the original by XYZ -axis platform on an additional two rotary axes to achieve head can swing in any direction and use the slope of the pre-set in the system model , real-time calculation of the cutting path , and then cut to consider the thickness of the workpiece material is corrected continuously oscillating the cutting head in the cutting process, so that the cutting out of the workpiece to achieve the perfect state of no slope.
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Saturday, February 15, 2014

EAAK CNC water jet cutting machine in metal cutting industry

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With the expansion of products and applications mature face , UHP CNC water jet cutting machine ( water jet cutter ) is gradually entering a period of growth , which is also due to the rapid development of machinery industry in recent years , relying on the more accurate digital platform we can apply the fine waterjet machining , water jet cutting applications will be extended to the broader metals industry
Processing areas , and not just confined to the processing of glass , ceramics , stone and other materials. Metal cutting , for example, presents a variety of processing methods flourishing trend, including laser , flame cutting ( plasma cutting ) , EDM cutting, wire cutting. Various cutting methods have their own advantages , they have some limitations , each occupying a part of the market . However, in many cutting tools , the water cut is a special cold cut , plus the direct use of the kinetic energy of the abrasive water jet cutting of the metal to achieve the purpose of cutting , the cutting process without chemical change , physical and chemical properties of the material having no cutting influence , no heat distortion , narrow kerf , high precision , cut smooth, clean pollution, etc., the material can be processed traditional means can not be processed , such as glass , ceramics, composite materials , reflective materials, chemical fiber, heat-sensitive materials.

As people on the water cutting technology to further deepen the understanding of the market come to realize that water cutting technology in the metal cutting industry unique advantages. Comparative example laser cutting , laser cutting sheet metal , the speed and accuracy of better than water jet cutting , but generally greater than 16mm of the laser is difficult to cut the metal plate ( in particular non-ferrous metals ) , and the laser cutting of materials there is still some surrounding heat affected zone ; finish waterjet cutting metal material thickness of up to 50mm or more, and no impact on the material , cut metal up to 1.6μm, the cutting accuracy of ± 0.10mm, can be used for precision forming cutting, another water cut in terms of cutting non-ferrous metals and stainless steel as well as a unique, non-reflective and edge effects of the loss , plus water knife is no limit on cutting material . The combination of these factors, many early selection of laser or other cutting means users instead use water jet cutting . As the " water jet " CNC precision drive technology platform uses a ball screw and linear guides , the control precision are within +0.02 mm, while abrasive water jet cutting head nozzle and focusing performance and long life of the nozzle material technological breakthrough, coupled with continuous smooth operation of our company 380Mpa EHV power systems , automatic application for sand, sand control , and high-pressure water start and stop control system, making the " water jet " 24 hours of continuous cutting and automatic processing . In the metal cutting industry, the pursuit of high-quality, high-efficiency direct molding process , is the mainstream of the current international trends , "water knife" cutting machine is the response to this demand on the relevant technology innovation : Casual including the emergence of precision ball screw , servo motor, gear unit resonance technology , the machine can achieve a higher position accuracy , backlash compensation , repeat positioning accuracy improved, machine tool manufacturers will be more energy into the machine geometry analysis of the causes of errors generated by the use of the club and laser interferometer measurement precision measuring instruments such as the detection of geometric precision machine tools and to establish a mapping table to give precision error correction , thereby manufacturing high-precision machine tools. Selection of materials and components parts CNC machine tools , manufacturing processes, quality assurance testing methods to improve the accuracy and stability of CNC machine tools . "Water jet cutting machine " both more powerful computer-aided design and control functions , in particular in the " sharp corners and " auto deceleration cut so sleek and smooth cutting surface , combined with the "water knife" cut with a " grinding " character , which making the " water jet " on the cutting quality and efficiency has been greatly changed and improved, and can be directly used for metal parts forming cutting. High pressure water jet cutting technology in the field of metal for many years, currently due perfect efficiency of its features, especially the decline in the cost of investment and the use of such "water jet glass cutter" cutting technology and equipment more and more and more and more attention and concern , boom "water jet steel cutting" use is on the rise , the company is willing to "cnc waterjet cutting" to promote the application and popularization make unremitting efforts . At the same time , and we want more people to study and explore together to jointly promote the further development of the "water cuting machine" application technology .
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Влияние абразивной качества, чтобы струей воды для резки

Гидроабразивной ( широко известный как струи воды резки, струей воды ) имеет большую производительность влияние , особенно когда абразивная струя воды , абразивный выбор непосредственно влияет на качество скорости резания и режущий поверхность.Теоретически многие виды абразивов . По данным источников , можно разделить на естественные и искусственные абразивы абразивы . Является естественным абразивные минералы в природе производится путем дробления и грохочения , как правило, легко примесей , но стоимость дешево , во-вторых искусственный абразивный выплавляется с помощью химических методов , высокой чистоты , хорошей производительностью , но производственный процесс является сложным и дорогим .Природный альмандин гранат из-за своих уникальных физических характеристик , высокой твердостью, умеренной способности резки, не свободного кремнезема , став лучшим и наиболее экономичным струей воды под высоким давлением резки среду.высоким давлением струей резки воды .
По данным исследования показали, что струя воды резки любого материала , существует оптимальный размер частиц абразивного , т. е. тем же давлением струи , скорость , максимальную глубину резания с определенным размером потока , размер частиц увеличивается или уменьшается , глубина резания уменьшаются соответственно . Для различной твердости и абразивные для резки различных материалов, другой эффект. Хрупкий материал , пластик и относительно мягкий материал, предъявляют различные требования к абразива. Для того же самого вида Абразивные материала с цвета, различного давления и потока песка, режущего эффекта большое влияние. Резка, давления и расхода песка такжеоптимальное состояние .
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The use of waterjet machine in stone ceramic cutting

In stone ceramic waterjet cutting stone processing industry, the cutting blade of the traditional cutting way  is generally only the cutting line, the curve to be cut, the first template production meet the size requirements, after an initial cut by manual grinding means to achieve flexibility is not high, and the noise, dust, less efficient.
cnc water jet stone cutting ceramic obvious advantages:
1 cut flat, high cutting quality, no further cuts after cutting edges to form a "burst edge" current;

(2) high cutting precision, patchwork uniform, can be used to produce very complex puzzles and beautiful frescoes;

3 fast cutting efficiency, product consistency, interchangeability, automatic nesting capabilities and improve the working environment, reduce the impact of dust and noise on the operator.
Waterjet cutting industry, mainly as a ceramic stone cutting machinery is widely used. Its distinguishing feature is the entire curve sapphire blue ceramic stone cutting. Common cases are: Large ceramic mural in the lobby floor parquet, ceramic wall, shaped kitchen countertop, stone art furniture.

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CNC water jet cutting machine,waterjet stone cutting,marble cutting machine,cnc granite cutter,metal cutting machine,water jet glass cutting machine
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