Thursday, June 26, 2014

The operation of stone engraving EAAK cnc router machine

Correct steps of stone engraving machine operation:

1 stone cnc engraving machine before first boot the machine and the computer to determine all connected properly, and then turn the machine and the computer power supply. After the system is ready to enter NCStudio CNC system.
2 Select "Homing" menu after opening the control system. Machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin, and the correction system coordinate system. In some cases, such as the last normal shutdown, reboot and continue the previous operation, the user does not have to perform the mechanical reset operation. NCStudio system in the normal exit, it will save the current coordinate information. In addition, if the user confirms the current position is correct, you can not do this.
3 prior to processing, the user typically needs a machining program to be loaded, otherwise, some functions related to the automatic processing is invalid. Select "Open (F) | Open (O) ..." menu will pop up Windows standard file operations dialog box, you can choose where you want to open the file drive, path and file name. Click the "Open" button, the program will load processing system.
4 Determine the datum, the stone CNC router X, Y manually go in both directions on the desired workpiece origin location, select "Set as the datum point of the current" menu, or coordinate the coordinate values ​​of the current window position cleared, the processing procedure in the performance of the current position as the starting point for processing.
Stone carving machine configuration:
1, light stone cnc engraving machine 1224 screw drive, cast iron bed, a round rail 3kw motor, stepper motor 450A. Weihong control system (ie, computer control), low price
2, rack drive, the square tube with a seamless marble granite cnc engraving machine pick up tools, circular orbit 25. Is a commonly used. 3k/4.5kw motor. You can also choose the slant rack, a stepping motor 450A or 450B, which is a large model.
3 high with: heavy stone engraving cnc router and generous T-shaped pipe seamless welding machine bed, steel gantry, stepper motor 450B, 860 drives, rack drive Taiwan on the silver side rails. High cost. High price.

4,stone cnc router machine (with wood engraving machine configurations, plus a stainless steel sink). Rack side rails 3kw/4.5kw spindle motor, stepper motor 450B, drive 860.
Summing up the above, it is commonly used in the market with marble engraving machine, rack drive round rail, 4.5kw motor, popular machine 25. Select inclined rack better, a large contact area, high speed, high accuracy. Hard rock deal more powerful. Affordable price. There needs to be a detailed consultation J
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Application of laser cutting machine and waterjet metal cutting machine

Metal cutting machine as a new tool is currently applied to a variety of more mature industries. So in the end is how the use of laser cutting or waterjet cutting machine, and laser cutting is good or bad and how to distinguish it? First, in the form of energy of laser light focused into a beam of high density, the beam is transmitted to the work surface, to generate enough heat to melt the material, combined with the high pressure gas coaxial with the beam interval removing molten metal directly, to achieve the purpose of the cutting This description is essentially the difference between laser cutting machine with mechanical processing. It is the use of laser light from the laser beam emitted from the generator, the external circuit system, a high power density focused laser beam irradiation conditions, the laser heat is absorbed by the material of the workpiece, a sharp rise in temperature of the workpiece, after reaching the boiling point, the material begins to vaporize and form holes, moving the light beam with the relative positions of the workpiece, the material eventually forming the slit. Process parameters (cutting speed, laser power, gas pressure, etc.) and when kerf trajectory by CNC control system, slag slotted auxiliary gas at a certain pressure is blowing. Generally, laser cutting quality can be measured by the following six criteria. 1. Cutting surface roughness Rz 2. Incision dross size 3. Trimming squareness and inclination u 4. Cutting edge garden diagonal size r 5. Streak after dragging quantity n 6.
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Laser metal cutting machine

Laser metal cutting machine: can be understood as the separation edge. The purpose of such a process should be in CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD made ​​in the form of vector graphics lines, pneumatic laser marking machine, and then saved as appropriate PLT, DXF format laser cutting machine operating software to open the file, depending on the processing materials for energy and speed parameter settings and then run. Laser cutter after receiving instructions to the computer software will be generated automatically cut according to the flight path. Such as: the existing Laser cutting machine, you can draw a good template based computer, and then entered into the computer, automatic cutting graphics. existing laser metal cutter generally have their own hard drive, you can enter the massive data sources. Simple and convenient.
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